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VersaBox at Intralogistica Italia in Milan

VersaBox at Intralogistica Italia in Milan

VersaBox at the fair in Italy, 3-6 May 2022

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How do autonomous transport trolleys improve the efficiency of warehouse operations?

How do autonomous transport trolleys improve the efficiency of warehouse operations?

AMRs allow you to optimise warehouse operating costs and increase efficiency at the same time. Find out what else autonomous transport trolleys have to offer.

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Heavyweight AMR -  VERSABOT 1500

Heavyweight AMR -  VERSABOT 1500

VERSABOT 1500 is a new AMR in the VersaBox catalogue. Find out what transport capabilities it can offer and what makes it an even better robot than its predecessors.

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Run at rate before entering a production hall, or virtual AMR implementation tests

Run at rate before entering a production hall, or virtual AMR implementation tests

Simulation of an AMR implementation allows you to test any and all intralogistics processes before robots are deployed into the warehouse or production hall. Find out more!

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