VersaBox Sp. z o.o. implements a project co-financed by European Funds POIR.01.01.01-00-0992/16

Project title:
Autonomous transport system, based on mobile robots and learning planning and control algorithms, for production processes and non-linear processes of internal warehouse logistics.

Project goal:
Optimization and automation of intra-logistics processes allowing to reduce production costs, service of goods and reduce problems resulting from lack of employees.

Project description and planned effects:
As part of the initial R&D works, the Applicant developed a prototype of a mobile robot which, based on innovative solutions (including those being the subject of a patent application) autonomously moves in buildings and among people. Tests and demonstrations of the solution have shown great interest in the market and the need to conduct further research in order to enable the implementation of a product that meets the needs of users.

As part of the Project, VersaBox will conduct research to verify the possibilities of using:

a) advanced local and single-robot algorithms for learning movement patterns of obstacles,
b) self-learning algorithms for managing a group of robots based on information provided by robots in real time and predictive maintenance algorithms.

The possibilities of using various vision systems and algorithms for positioning and navigation developed by VersaBox will also be explored with the use of sensors that give space representation in 3D.

A power system with the possibility of braking energy recovery will also be designed.

Based on the developed solutions, a series of prototypes of robots will be made allowing for industrial tests and tests.

The project is co-financed under the “Innovative Development Operational Program 2014-2020” co-financed by the ERDF, ie the European Regional Development Fund under Measure 1.1 – R & D projects of enterprises, Sub-measure 1.1.1 – Industrial research and development carried out by enterprises. Concluded with the National Center for Research and Development on 26.07.2017r. in accordance with the Agreement No.: POIR.01.01.01-00- 0992 / 16-00

The duration of the project: 2017-05-01 – 2019-04-30
Project value: PLN 8,005,955.15
Contribution of European Funds: PLN 5,278,453.56