Defining a feasible concept of digitally transforming specific intra-logistic operations by implementing a robotic solution.

A workshop based service intended for the customers who are considering an investment in robotic solution for intralogistic process automation and are at the early stage of investment decision processes. This service provides a valuable input to such process in the form of a feasible scope of automation based on robotic solution.

The feasibility criteria are usually process specific, but may include aspects such as:



This service is provided for customers actively seeking to acquire robotic solution for their intralogistic processes.

A well designed Proof-of-Concept (PoC) project answers a customer specific, implementation risk oriented question. Examples of PoC goals:

A successful PoC is a short project with a well designed S.M.A.R.T. objective. It is not intended to serve as a generic solution showcase (for which VersaBox provides regular events for interested customers). Neither it is ment to be a substitute for actual end-to-end production implementation.

Usability / Simplified Process / Insights for process modernization / Insights for configuration

PoC should be planned as short project (1-2 weeks) which provides a meaningful input into decision making process related to solution acquisition. In particular, the follow up of PoC should be clearly defined.



This set of professional services is aimed at supporting a full-scale implementation of AUTONOMY@WORK solution.

There is a number of ways VersaBox can support the implementation of AUTONOMY@WORK solution, such as:



This portfolio of services provides assurance that any operational risks related to AUTONOMY@WORK solution are monitored and duly addressed so that the intralogistic-process goals.

While the specific scope and goals for this service need to be defined in a corresponding service agreement, they are generally based on the following building blocks: