Digital transformation of shop floor operations

The global world of manufacturing has been a leading adopter of digital solutions for decades: industrial robots, computer-controlled devices, management information systems. This process accelerates and becomes more radical as the digital tsunami transforms entire industries. The vision of “digital factory” involves a number of key concepts:

Intralogistics - the area involving internal processing of materials, components and related information - is a significant part of industrial value chain where operations need to change due to labour shortages, operational hazards and often obsolete, inefficient technology.


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In this seminar we will present the panorama of cybersecurity challenges and threats as well as the best practices which allow for secure digital transformation of intralogistics processes.

Key topics include: Cybersecurity defined Best practices in Cybersecurity Governance Best practices in Industrial IoT architecture Secure Smart Intralogistics – a case study based on the AUTONOMY@WORK™ solution