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Register to participate in VERSABOX ACADEMY to get insights from innovators, practitioners and industry experts. Share your experiences and examine best practices through facilitated discussions. VERSABOX ACADEMY events are designed to support manufacturing and logistics organisations facing the challenges of digital transformation.

A practice oriented workshop related to the implementation of Smart Intrologistics based on the AUTONOMY@WORK™ solution.

Introducing Smart Intralogistics in context of Industry 4.0 transformation. Business case for Smart Intralogistics.

Practical scenarios: participants will see a live presentation providing real-world insights related to aspects such as:

  • Business case for smart intra-logistics.
  • Readiness assessment. What you need to know and do before letting robots in.
  • Safety first. Human-robot interactions on the shop floor.
  • The whole solution. Integrating smart logistics with shop floor operations.
  • How to manage change and deliver business results Managing and improving smart operations.

Industry 4.0 is a globally accepted concept of transforming the established practices in manufacturing and logistics. In this seminar participants will learn the key components of the concept, approaches taken by incumbent players and potential disruptors. We will talk about: The role and challenges of industrial Internet of Things The potential of Big Data The expansion of robotics beyond factory line The Smart Intralogistics will be explained both as a standalone improvement initiative and an essential part of broader digital transformation programmes. The taxonomy and architecture of intralogistic solutions will be explained. Participants will be provided with a hands-on experience of the AUTONOMY@WORK™ smart intralogistics solution covering aspects such as: process design, process control and process execution.

In this seminar we will present the panorama of cybersecurity challenges and threats as well as the best practices which allow for secure digital transformation of intralogistics processes.

Key topics include: Cybersecurity defined Best practices in Cybersecurity Governance Best practices in Industrial IoT architecture Secure Smart Intralogistics – a case study based on the AUTONOMY@WORK solution



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