Self Guiding Vehicle
This SGV is designed to transport multiple categories of small components between multiple storage/work areas. Optionally it can be equipped with safe storage safeguarding small but valuable cargo (eg electronic components). Small footprint allows this versabot to navigate event most crowded, tight floor plans.

VB 150 is an ideal option for distributing multiple categories of small components over complex, flexible routes between different storage areas, or assembly stations. Installing an optional safe boxes, opened by personalised, wireless keycards turns VB 150 into "mobile distribution hub". VB 150 has outstanding manoeuvring capability in tight spaces due to small footprint and TRUE AUTONOMY Navigational AI technology.

All versabots ale designed so that they can be easily configured to suit specific environment and payload profile. VersaBox offers range of options for sensors, battery packs, payload adapters, and drive. This is a unique marriage of flexibility and optimization providing customers with choice without cost penalties typical for customized solutions. VB 150 can be configured to specific environment with a range of modules:

  • Automatic Coupler Module for Trolleys
  • Manual Coupler Module for fixed frames (Dolly)
  • Conveyor Module
  • Lift Module
  • 3D sensor for navigation in difficult environment
  • Automatic Power Station
  • Automatic Safe Box Compartments
  • Battery Charger with replacement trolley and additional Battery Pack 48V




Robot details:

  • 2D laser scanner,
  • 3D obstacles detection and avoidance,
  • multiple paths transportation,
  • no limit of predefined destination points,
  • no requirement for warehouse modification,
  • easy and automatic warehouse map building,
  • opto-acustic signalization.

Optional functions:

  • RFID tag reader,
  • vision system
  • tablet + QR/barcode reader
  • load theft-protection during transportation
  • WMS integration