21 September 2020

Fidiasz EVC, SpeedUp Energy Innovation, Movens VC, and RST Ventures for Earth venture capital funds have made an investment of EUR 2.5 million into the leader of Polish robotics.  VersaBox offers robots and digital solutions for logistics, including the AUTONOMY@WORK intralogistics system based on autonomous mobile robots.  The company aims to become one of the […]

9 September 2020

VERSABOT 500 and VERSABOT 1000 are an advanced type of automated guided vehicles, otherwise known as Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs). By choosing them, you choose state-of-the-art handling of intralogistics processes in warehouses, manufacturing plants, and sorting facilities. Wherever horizontal transport is necessary, VERSABOTs are able to replace manual labour and automatic conveyors very effectively. Thanks […]

obniżenie kosztów pracy
4 September 2020

If you plan to transition from traditional intralogistics to one based on Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), you choose a gradual elimination of the “human factor” from logistics processes, which will reduce labour costs in turn. You will achieve the goal of eliminating randomness in favour of increasing predictability. At the same time, you will achieve […]

automatyzacja magazynu
31 August 2020

The automation of industrial processes, and in particular the automation of intralogistics, is one of global economy’s hot topics. Everyone knows that processes need to be automated – but not everyone knows how to start. If you are asking yourself whether your plant can be automated, you will find the answer to your question below. […]

Automatyzacja magazynu
13 August 2020

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) robots are often combined with conveyor belts and monorail systems. In some cases, they can be treated as complementary solutions. The choice between the two means of transport is dependent on whether speed or flexibility of transport management is a top priority. When considering choosing a specific solution, you should be […]

optimise intralogistics processes
10 August 2020

The challenge for Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) manufacturers is no longer just creating a reliable, efficient, and safe machine. The designs and the capabilities of autonomous robots are advanced enough to dominate intralogistics processes in production facilities and warehouses. However, the issue of efficient organisation of robot traffic is still a major obstacle, and in […]

Mobile Robots
6 August 2020

People are becoming less and less afraid of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), and are far more willing to believe that these machines are designed with human safety in mind and do not pose any serious risks. Another extremely important issue is the safety of the loads that are transported by the autonomous trolleys. The key […]

3 August 2020

Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV) is the most common name for various types of automatic trolleys used for internal transport. It is often used alongside or even interchangeably with the name Automated Mobile Robot (AMR). There are also terms like Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle (AIV), Self-Guided Vehicle (SGV), and even Laser-Guided Vehicle (LGV). How to tell these […]

5G w przemyśle
31 July 2020

According to optimists, 5G will replace industrial cabling. Intelligent machines that make up the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) will wirelessly connect with each other, with production management systems, and with cloud analytics. Broadband transfer (several hundred percent more efficient than currently used technologies) will make smart factories and warehouses truly smart and fully autonomous. […]