Mainstream intralogistics solution by VersaBox

The AUTONOMY@WORK™ is an open, integrated solution covering key aspects of intralogistic:

The intralogistics tasks executed by a swarm of VersaBox AMRs are coordinated by the VersaBox process management platform. This allows all AMRs to share common picture of intralogistics operations in real time, improving the efficiency of the swarm.


Versabox intralogistics platform

Seamless integration with shop floor environment & operations

The “smartness” of an intralogistics solution should not be seen in isolation from the context of specific shop floor operations. To achieve the holistic effect of “smarter operations” VersaBox intralogistic system can be seamlessly integrated with other activities on the shop floor in a number of complementary ways:


Versatile design, achieved through modularity of VersaBox SGVs allows for integration with specific hardware components supporting load handling (pickup, transport, handover).


VersaBox AUTONOMY@WORK™ platform provides API interfaces for seamless integration with core automated processes.


Mobile and stationary terminals (from simplest “transport request buttons”, smartwatches, industrial tablets, kiosks) provide simple means to integrate autonomous activities with human based processes.


AUTONOMY@WORK™ provides VersaBox clients with a comprehensive set of software which enhance the individual AMR capabilities and enable customers to design fully automated, flexible transport processes seamlessly integrated with factory or store operations. While TRUE AUTONOMY™ provides the capability to effectively map the environment and execute transport assignments on an individual unit level, the true business value is provided by a well orchestrated transport process adopted to specific intralogistics requirements. The software platform provided by VersaBox is based on best industry practices as well as on the specific capabilities of VersaBox technology.

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