8 July 2020

How AMRs increase the efficiency of intralogistics – Small change – big difference The implementation of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), such as VERSABOT 500, means a general change for the entire organism that is the warehouse or the production plant. Robots not only expedite the tasks for which they are intended but play the role […]

20 May 2020

Robotisation of intralogistics. The challenge of traffic and fleet management. When Benz-Patent Motorwagen Nummer 1 was created in 1886, everyone was excited about the fact that ‘it’ can develop a speed of 16 km/h without the help of a horse. Modern cars are able to travel 10 to 20 times faster. However, the average speed […]

AMR fleet management
14 May 2020

SMART INTRALOGISTICS. IMPLEMENTING AMR THROUGH PROCESS SIMULATION Join VersaBox free webinar and find out how you can implement AMR through PROCESS SIMULATION. See how to prepare a modernization of intralogistics processes using simulation tools that are part of the AUTONOMY@WORK™ system. During our webinar our experts Jakub Michalski and Paweł Oziebło will present the use […]

14 May 2020

Smart Intralogistic Platform based on Autonomous Mobile Robots   AUTONOMY@WORK™ – open, integrated solution covering full lifecycle of intralogistics process: design, execution and control. It combines innovative software and hardware into a comprehensive system based on AI and Industrial Internet of Things. VersaBox solutions fill out the growing human workforce deficits with efficient, inteligent devices and […]

24 April 2020

Factory managed from the cloud. Is it safe? The effective management of industrial processes, including Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) intralogistics, requires efficient acquisition, transmission and distribution of data. By far the best (read: the simplest, the fastest and the cheapest) solution is to use cloud computing. However, it’s still often treated with caution, resulting from […]

24 April 2020

Mobile Robots are safe and can work side by side with people. They have obstacle detection sensors and a scanner, and their movement is carried out safely. Data collected by the International Federation of Robotics (IFR) also show that solutions in the field of robotization are more readily implemented and on a larger scale. It […]

23 April 2020

AGVs will bring simplification to all The concept of production automation, intended to expedite manual labour, has recently gained momentum. How do we fare compared to others? Martin Slabý, a specialist in Manufacturing Engineering FAURECIA, presents the AGV project – Automated Guided Vehicles. The AGV project was launched at our plant at the beginning of […]

2 April 2020

TYPES OF AMR POWER SUPPLY Creating efficient and flexible Autonomous Mobile Robot (AMR) power systems is a challenge faced by all manufacturers of this type of device. Regardless of which one is used, it must meet similar requirements: small traction battery size, relatively long run-time, ease and speed of charging (or battery replacement). The goal […]

28 February 2020

How an expensive robot reduces labour costs Robots aren’t cheap. The purchase and implementation of an AGV-class robot means expenses that may seem disproportionately high in relation to the labour costs of an unskilled worker or even a forklift operator. However, if we tally up the overall labour costs, it’s easy to see that expensive […]