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Faurecia Frames in Wałbrzych is a subsidiary of one of the world’s largest automotive suppliers. Faurecia has branches in 35 countries and employs over 100,000 people. employees in 266 plants and 39 research and development centers. The factory in Wałbrzych has been operating on the market for 20 years and specializes in the production of car seats for brands such as Volkswagen, BMW, Ford and Peugeot.


Performance Improvement

Improved efficiency of Intralogistics processes

Quality Improvement

Elimination of component mis-deliveries

Even Intra-logistics Flow

Synchronization of transport cycles with the manufacturing operations


Innovative thinking is part of the Faurecia Frames strategy. Robotization and digitization is seen as an opportunity to constantly increase the efficiency and flexibility of processes. Production at Faurecia Frames is characterized by great diversity. Technically diverse seats are created on many assembly lines, intended for many car brands.

Efficiency and Flexibility

  • The robotization of intralogistics is an investment in improving the production process. The payback must be associated with specific, measurable effects – improved efficiency, reduced errors, greater flexibility and ease of reconfiguration.

Continuity of Operations

  • Regardless of performance issues, the technology in the factory must run continuously. Unplanned breaks and delays can costs more than the purchase of new machines.

Job Quality

  • The goals were specific: to increase the attractiveness of employment in the factory and to use the synergy of human and robotic work. AMR took over the most strenuous, physically demanding and dangerous tasks. This allows people to focus on coordinating supervisory processes and functions.

Employee Support for Smart Intralogistics

  • Each implementation, each innovation has a chance of success if it is seen as a positive change. Gaining the trust of Faurecia Frames employees in the new solution accelerated the implementation and ensured its final success.


Better Performance

Significant Improvement of Intralogistics Performance

Error Reduction

Elimination of errors in the supply of components to production line

Improved Flow

Better fluidity of intra-logistics operations due to the automation and 24x7 availability of transport system

Over 200 Missions a Day
Over 70 Tons a Day
versabot na hali produkcyjnej
Pillars of Digital Transformation ...
Our project is based of three main pillars: robotization, automation of management processes and automation of intralogistics. Our factory operations cover all stages of the production of car seat frames: welding, painting and assembly. The backbone of this system is intralogistics, delivering uninterrupted flow of components between the warehouse and production cells. Therefore, it has become obvious to us that internal transport will be one of the first areas to be covered by the robotization of production.

Plant Manager

Tteam of digital workers ...
It quickly turned out that VERSABOTS act as a well-coordinated team of digital workers. Smart machines, under the control of an automatic fleet management system, are timely, reliable and completely predictable. The problem of employee absences or unplanned downtime has disappeared. Currently, it is difficult to imagine the implementation of production processes without the help of VERSABOTS.

Production Manager

Flawless navigation ...
By entrusting the robots with the transport of frames from the welding shop to the paint shop, we hung the bar high. We needed machines with well-developed navigation systems, able to cooperate with other participants of the plant's traffic, as well as maintaining a very high precision of maneuvering. The choice of the VersaBox solution was determined by the perfect navigation capabilities of the VERSABOT robots.

Lean Manufacturing & Digital Transformation Manager

Partnered Cooperation ...
We knew the outstanding navigation capabilities of the VERSABOTS and the fleet management system. In practice, a big challenge was to achieve adequate precision and accuracy of the entire process. Excellent communication with VersaBox played an important role here. The are partner who not only offers a reliable product, but understands the needs of industrial production and responds quickly to every inquiry from our side.

Plant PC&L Improvement Coordinator