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VersaBox launches next phase of growth

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Warsaw-based VERSABOX ended 2022 with a more than 4-fold increase in sales of autonomous mobile robots. This happened despite the problems plaguing the entire industry with access to components. Plans for 2023 include further expansion. At this stage of development, Rafał Chojecki, one of the company’s founders, is taking the helm of the company.

VERSABOX’s list of successes in 2022 certainly includes the dynamic expansion of its flagship AUTONOMY@WORK platform, which controls transportation processes, and the expansion of its fleet of autonomous vehicles to three robotic platforms with a rich array of tools. The proprietary system developed by the company has been delivered to further prestigious customers such as Victaulic, Daimler and Bridgestone. The company also started cooperation with many business partners in Poland and abroad. This was, among other things, the result of the implementation of new organizational solutions and processes in many areas of the company’s operations by management and the board of directors working from 2019-2022 under the direction of CEO Jacek Królik.


The order backlog provides a good foundation for VERSABOX’s further market expansion in 2023 and beyond. The planned stages of the growth program will be carried out by an already 70-person team, with Rafał Chojecki, who has been in charge of operations and technology at the company since February, assuming the role of CEO.


VERSABOX mainly intends to dynamize overseas sales, expand its partner network, increase production and the number of key projects in the product area, including in strengthening its competitive advantages. The company will also carry out capital development activities to ensure production capacity to meet demand growth.


– After three years as CEO of VERSABOX, I am handing over the helm of the company back to the founders under the leadership of the new CEO – Rafał Chojecki. The current strong position of VERSABOX is the result of the work of the entire team, whose work I had the honor and pleasure to lead together with the founders. I believe that VERSABOX will be among the leading suppliers of autonomous intralogistics systems in Europe, not only in terms of product quality, but also market share – Jacek Królik.


– We are grateful to Jacek for his involvement at every stage of development and in every area for which he was responsible. His knowledge and experience allowed us to reengineer key processes: product development, sales, marketing, production and customer service. The results of this work have been both increased demand for our services and the growing confidence of business partners and customers. We do not intend to stop! On the contrary, we will intensify activities intended to strengthen our position – Rafał Chojecki.