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The culmination of the first day of the #LogiMAT fair was an evening event ProLog Automation – MARKET LEADER FOR AGV SERVICES & MHP – A Porsche Company, where we also had the opportunity to present our #VERSABOTs in joint work with others AGVs.

Most AGV or AMR vendors use proprietary navigation and fleet management systems. Integrated platforms, such as AUTONOMY@WORK, deliver optimum intralogistics performance in environments with low device diversity.

But what if device diversity become critical factors? A solution emerging from automotive industry is the VDA 5050 protocol, which standardizes process communication & control for AGV based intralogistics.

VERSABOX supports VDA 5050 controllers, in a way that harmonizes device autonomy with the requirements of a global, multivendor process. A live example of multivendor intralogistics process based on VDA5050, including an autonomous mobile robots from VersaBox was presented on 25 April in Freiberg, Germany at an event organised by @Prolog & @MHP.

There, we showed how various AGV/AMR vehicles combined with wearables, simulation and emulation enable holistic control of logistics processes.